Who We Are

Insightful. Ingenious. Innovative.

These are only three words that can be used to describe Insight Surgical Hospital, but truly the benefit of choosing ISH is something you have to see to believe and feel to understand.

Insight Surgical Hospital is so much more than a hospital. Our staff physicians, guest physicians, and nursing staff practice the highest of standards when it comes to surgical care.

The core foundation of Insight Surgical Hospital is minimally invasive surgeries and procedures and as such we are leaders in this space. Together with our Insight medical and research campus in Flint, the Insight Surgical Hospital team fuses medical research and medical care together to create a holistic approach to patient care.

Insight Surgical Hospital’s small, friendly, and compassionate environment allows us time to focus on your individual needs and preferences.

Our Vision

At Insight Surgical Hospital, we are dedicated to delivering the most compassionate, loving, expert, and impactful care in the world to our patients. We believe our patients deserve the best experience in the world when they enter our facilities. Our community requires nurturing and support. Our society will continue to thrive when we take care of the most vulnerable among us.

Our Mission

At Insight, we are dedicated to transformation and impact. Our mission is to deliver compassionate, world-class care to every patient who comes through our doors. As stewards of holistic health, Insight is committed to seeing our community flourish through increased access, empowerment, and wellness.

Insight Surgical Hospital’s Core Values

Insight Surgical Hospital aims to remain one of Michigan’s premiere minimally invasive surgery, 24-hour in-patient hospitals. As a physician-owned hospital with a boutique-like design, we provide personalized, specialized care with compassion, friendliness, and efficiency.

Energy & Enthusiasm

We strive to give our all to our patients and the neuroscience field each and every day.

Effective Execution

We don’t just say we are going to do something. We take action to make it happen, whether it’s exploring an innovative medical procedure or participating in a scientific research project.

Loyalty & Dedication

We are dedicated to doing the best we can for each other, the community, guest physicians, and our patients and their families – always.

Innovation & Research

We not only provide many solutions to complex situations, but we create them.

Powerful Synergy

We work together to ensure optimal communication with each other and with you.

Growth-Oriented Design

We focus on growth within the neuroscience industry for the betterment of the overall community and the greater well-being of the patients and families we serve.

Ethics & Integrity

We are and will remain driven by our fundamental core oath to help others. We abide by ethical standards within the medical community, and our integrity is never compromised.

Service-Driven with a Human, Genuine Touch

Whether you are the patient or the patient’s loved one, we focus on greater insight into your overall well-being and peace of mind.

Unlike larger hospitals, our physicians and staff are able to focus more time to provide individualized attention to each and every patient we serve.

We take pride in the fact that highly regarded and renowned physicians trust Insight Surgical Hospital with their patients’ care.

Realizing that communication is a key to comfort and success, we make every effort to fully understand each patient’s needs. For that reason, our on-boarding and referral process can be completed with ease. We also offer a concierge model within our building, allowing us to assist each patient, family member, guest physician, and other visitors quickly and efficiently. Our format allows for a simplified referral process because many of the services are under the same roof.

We are and will always remain driven by our simple core oath: helping those who need help.