Patient Experiences

“I 100% will come back if I need to. I love the way I was treated my whole visit. Thank you so much.”

“All personnel were terrific, helpful, and knowledgeable, and especially kind and concerned.”

“Even the staff not associated with me were so polite. The most friendliest place on Earth.”

“Everyone was helpful and attentive.”

“They took time to answer my questions and provided excellent staff.”

“Don’t change anything!”

“The team worked well together – keep doing what you are doing!”

“Staff is sweet, friendly, caring.”

“Loved my doctors and nurses all that worked on me – very pleasant stay.”

“By far the best group of nurses and doctors I have ever had to be a part of. Great communication between shifts. All of them introduced themselves to me and made sure I was taken care of. I was never embarrassed to ask for help and not once did I feel like I was a burden. Thank you, Dr. K, and all the staff. … P.S. Hopefully I never have to see you again but if it is my choice, I will be there.”

“I honestly wish every hospital was exactly like this one! I have never had such a good experience – other than the first visit I had here, which was just as good.”

“I’ve never been to a hospital were everyone is so nice. When you need something, there is no wait. The staff here makes you feel good. You get that one-on-one care here more than any place else. I recommend anyone who needs a surgery to come here. I did not have to wait long – there were no delays. The hospital of all times.”